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Total solar eclipse - 21.8.2017 at 11.58 - 21.8.2017 at 14.54 Gallatin, Tennessee, Yhdysvallat Observation number 66450

Visibility V / V

Samuli Vuorinen, Kirkkonummen komeetta

We were with Susanna Taivalsalmi, Lauri Kangas and Tuure Laurinoll to observe a complete solar eclipse in Gallatin, Tennessee, USA. At least Lauri will still make his own observation of the Sky Guard.

The day before, Lauri and I went to look for suitable observation sites for the eclipse. Our place to stay was in the blackout zone, but by traveling closer to the center line, an eclipse lasting up to 20 seconds was achievable. The best candidates seemed to be either Springfield or Gallatin.

Based on the weather forecasts for the darkening morning, we ended up leaving for Gallatin. Severe congestion had been predicted for the blackout zone around the continent, so we set off as early as seven in the morning. At the time, there was no information about congestion. We set up the imaging equipment in the local Walmart car park, and we hoped the market staff would not drive us away. Several passers-by stopped to chat with us and by noon more people with cars had gathered around us to follow the eclipse.

My intention was to describe the whole eclipse from start to finish with computer control so I could focus on watching myself. As the perfect phase approached, the lighting began to feel really strange. Just like looking through everything through sunglasses. At the beginning of the perfect phase, I saw clear shadow strips on the asphalt. Twilight covered everything and the sun disappeared from view. A glowing Corona appeared around the moon. Several planets and stars appeared in the sky, I identified Venus, Jupiter and Sirius myself. Towards the end of the complete phase, red protuberance eruptions appeared at the edge of the moon. The display lasted a total of 2 minutes 39 seconds, after which the surface of the sun began to peek behind the edge of the moon. The sight resembled a diamond ring.

The play ended as quickly as it began. We were left to shoot until the end of the partial phase, impatient to get to browse the images left on the camera. The parking lot was awkwardly hot, 35 ° C. During the eclipse, the temperature fortunately dropped somewhat. I also drew attention to the fact that all the cumulus clouds disappeared during the eclipse, and began to reappear after the eclipse.

When I finally got to browse the images stuck on the camera card, I was fascinated. The pictures went well, and the computer control worked as it should. I attached the best images to the observation, as well as a couple of shots from the scene itself. The blackout was my first, but hopefully not the last!

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Additional information
  • Observed phenomena in the eclipse
    • Shadow bands info

      Varjonauhoja voidaan joskus nähdä liikkumassa maanpinnalla ja vaaleita rakenteita vasten täydellisen auringonpimennyksen aikana. Ne muistuttavat kuvioita, joita uima-altaan pohjalla näkyy kun tuuli liikuttaa vedenpintaa. Tässä tapauksessa uima-allasta vastaa ilmakehä ja Auringon kapea valo juuri ennen täydellisen vaiheen alkua ja sen jälkeen toimii valonlähteenä.


      Piirros varjonauhoista Sisilialaisen talon seinällä vuoden 1870 auringonpimennyksessä. Kuva Demetrio Emilio Diamilla Müller.

    • Naked eye stars visible in daytime sky info

      Kirkkaimpia tähtiä voi tulla paljain silmin näkyviin täydellisen auringonpimennyksen aikana.

    • Naked eye planets visible in daytime sky info

      Planeettoja voidaan nähdä paljain silmin päivätaivaalla täydellisen auringonpimennyksen aikana. Useimmiten Auringon lähettyville nähtäville tulevat Merkurius ja Venus. Lisäksi saattaa - niiden sijainnista ja kirkkaudesta riippuen - tulla näkyville myös aurinkokunnan ulompia planeettoja, kuten Mars tai Jupiter. 

    • Diamond ring info

      Diamond ring phonomenon can be seen during the total solar eclipse. Just before the total phase there is ring formed by inner corona, and last bright part of disappering Sun forms like bright diamond for the ring. The similar vision reappear at the end of total phase.


      Diamond ring in the Australian eclipse in 2012. Image Toni Veikkolainen.


      Different phases of the diamond ring in the Australian eclipse in 2012. Images Jukka Ruoskanen.

    • Baily's beads info

      Baily's beads can be seen during the total solar eclipse about one or two seconds before and after the total phase. They are bright pearl-like light spots, which are last seen parts of disappering Sun and first points of appering Sun.  They are sunlight shine through deep valleys on the edge of the Moon.

      See the image on Bailey's beads.

  • Eclipse type
    • Total solar eclipse
Technical information

Canon EOS 60D, Canon 300 / 4L, Star Adventurer Stand, Eclipse Orchestrator.

Comments: 7 pcs
Matti Helin - 26.8.2017 at 09.25 Report this

Hienoja kuvia ja hyvä kertomus. 

Olli Sälevä - 26.8.2017 at 09.49 Report this

Hienoja nuo kolmoskuvan purkaukset.

Samuli Vuorinen - 26.8.2017 at 12.21 Report this


Mikko Peussa - 26.8.2017 at 13.45 Report this

Upea setti!

Pirjo Mattila - 1.9.2017 at 08.55 Report this

Nämä kuvat ja kertomus kannattaa tallettaa, ties vaikka joskus toteutuu se toivomani kirja, johon olisi koottu parhaimmat palat Taivaanvahdista. Kunpa sen joku alkaisi koostamaan laillisin menetelmin. Onpa muuten mainio päiväpeite tuossa viimeisessä kuvassa. Muissa kuvissa päivän peittää kuu.

Pekka Lähteenaro - 6.9.2017 at 18.39 Report this

Upeita kuvia! I wish I were there ;)

Samuli Vuorinen - 6.9.2017 at 18.58 Report this

Kiitos! Oli aika huima kokemus tuo pimennys. :)

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