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Half-sky auroras - 16.9.2017 at 00.00 - 16.9.2017 at 05.00 Kempele Observation number 67016

Visibility IV / V

Jarmo Leskinen, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

In the evening I was already going to sleep when I noticed that the sky was almost completely clear and a dim arc of northern lights warped over the entire arc. The plans immediately changed, with cameras in and out quickly.

I set up GoPro as the first to photograph a timelee and then started rapping the pictures myself with common sense. The northern lights were in such a wide area that I took a series of pictures with the widest lens that can be found. Compiled from these images brings a gif timelapse.

Gradually, the very blazing eased and all that was left were the rapidly pulsating northern lights (which are desperate to photograph). As the fog began to thicken as well, I went to bed in good spirits and left GoPro to take care of the rest of the night. A timelapse compiled from these images on Youtube . The compilation includes pictures between midnight and five o'clock.

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Additional information
  • Aurora brightness
    • Bright auroras
  • Colors with unaided eye and other features
    • Streaming auroras info

      Streaming. In streaming aurora fast irregular variations in brightness occur along the horizontal dimension of homogeneous shapes.

    • Pulsating auroras info

      Pulsating aurora. The brightness of the pulsating aurora usually varies rhythmically over a period that can be only a fraction of a second at its fastest, but can also be several minutes. Pulsing usually only occurs in(strong auroral conditions) higher quality shows , especially towards the end of them. However, the pulsation may be followed by yet another eruption. Sometimes the variation in brightness is at the same stage in the whole form, whereby the whole form "turns on and off" at the same time. Pulsation is also found in arches and bands, but above all in spots..

    • Blue auroras info

      Clearly blue auroras can be seen only during the best aurora displays close to the maximum phase or soon after it. Sometimes blue auroras can be seen shortly after the sunset at the top part of the auroral shapes, specially rays. It is created by the mission of the ionized nitrogen molecules created by the suns radiation.

      Strongly colored blue auroras. Photo by Jorma Mäntylä.

      Blue top parts of the aurora. Image by Tom Eklund. 

      Blue top parts of the aurora. Image by Jaakko Hatanpää.

      Partly blue corona. Photo by Tapio Koski.

      Faintly blue top parts of an aurora veil. Photo by Jaakko Hatanpää.

    • Green auroras info

      Green, seen with the naked eye, is one the most common colors of the aurora. The green color is derived from atomic oxygen.

      Green auroras. Lea Rahtu-Korpela.

      Green auroras. Photo by Juha Ojanperä.

  • Observed aurora forms
    • ;Veil;Rays;Band;Arc
Comments: 6 pcs
Tapio Lahtinen - 16.9.2017 at 12.17 Report this

Hieno videopätkä (jännästi väpättää).

Lauri Kumpulainen - 16.9.2017 at 12.56 Report this

Upea timelapse! 

Timo Alanko - 16.9.2017 at 15.38 Report this

Miten saat goprossa virran riittämään yöksi? Kuinka paljon timelapseen tuli kaikkiaan kuvia? 

Jarmo Leskinen - 16.9.2017 at 18.21 Report this

Kiitos kommenteista! 

Tapio, korkeimmalla olevat kaaret tosiaan väpättää jännästi koska niiden liike oli tosi nopeaa. 4 sekunnin valotuksillakaan ei tahtonut saanut liikettä kiinni. Pidemmillä valotuksilla olisi ehkä rauhoittunut, mutta samalla muut muodotkin olisivat pehmenneet. Jos giffiä olis hieman hidastanut niin ehkä liike olis ollut rauhallisempaa.

Timo, käytän goprossa ulkoista lisäakkua. 6000mAh akku riittää näillä keleillä kevyesti yön yli kuvauksiin. Akku on liitetty gopron takaliitäntään kaapelilla, esimerkki ebaystä

Kuvia otin jatkuvilla 10 sekunnin valotuksilla, 5 tunnissa kuvia kertyy noin 1800.

Markku Ruonala - 16.9.2017 at 21.30 Report this

Upea timelapse

Pentti Arpalahti - 17.9.2017 at 11.45 Report this

Timelapse on todella hypnoottinen. Ja aivoissa raksuttaa, että mitkä astrofysikaaliset mmekanismit aiheuttavat vyönippujen dynamiikan ja alussa tyhjän alueen uumpeenkasvamisen.

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