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Milky way - 23.10.2017 at 21.25 - 23.10.2017 at 23.00 Laitila Observation number 67813

Visibility V / V

# bongaalinnunrata-

and our own challenge of “depicting a milky way in different villages” finally continued.

During the day we nailed the direction. In the end there was consensus — beautiful air, good bonga weather — the darkest possible had to be reached.

As soon as it got dark we set off with the host. The direction was towards the village of Laitila Pado (Vaimaro) and the lake there, called Mustajärvi.

There was light pollution in the sky, but it wasn’t terribly disturbing. I left the colors in the opening images uncorrected because that shade was pleasing to both of our eyes.

The last three images have been adjusted close to the Milky Way's recommended k-reading, approx. 3300-3500K.

There was very little fog. For once, it was good, if not great, bonga air, now everything is taken away from it.

Well then, didn't some "decision maker" cram into the beach with a car in the middle of filming. There was no apology (I guess it’s pointless to wait here) and a laugh of laughter came to us from filming.

It is strange that the "work" of others here in Laitila is only underestimated.

I almost hear my sorry mind, but only almost.

Luckily, the troublemaker went "swimming" and after a while knocking (yes, the guy was running around naked, it was a man ..) finally realized he was taking his million-dollar car and skis elsewhere to show off his family treats. (there was nothing to see in them ..)

Your factory still leaves the lights on the beach, but our host is resourceful and they were turned off :)

We continued where we left off, that is, continued filming.

The darker it went, the better the Milky Way bounced out of the pictures. It felt again that it could be touched by hand.

Pretty great! For the first time, I turned on the wireless trigger with the help of a mobile phone, it worked just fine!

Gave significantly more freedom to shoot when the images didn’t have to run into a hundred glasses. Also practicing "painting" the landscape with a lamp — not quite easy, with easy overexposure / underexposure.

Finished filming happy, for once it was great air! The feeling did not fall from the topical type either, but our reflection on the world of thought of the type in question eventually made us laugh…

These nocturnal situations just seem to be coming, nothing can be done about it. Rarely does such a non-cooperative type still hit.

When you got to the hut, you still had to "admire the Milky Way".

The area of Mustajärvi is therefore quite “light-free”, but it is not very suitable for northern lights photography, the beach is not properly open to the north, there are trees in the front and changing rooms. The Milky Way instead was well recorded.

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  • Observation target
    • Milky Way
    • Erittäin näyttävä
Technical information

Canon EOS 6D, Tokina 16-28mm ISO 6400-8000, f2.8, 20-25s

Comments: 5 pcs
Emma Bruus - 24.10.2017 at 17.30 Report this

Siellä on taas selvästi kuulunut valosapelien kalistelua yössä. :)

Pirjo Koski - 24.10.2017 at 18.08 Report this

Niin sitä *köh* pääsi käymään ;)

Timo Alanko - 24.10.2017 at 20.59 Report this

Hienosti kimaltelee järvenkin pinta!

Anne Eränotko - 25.10.2017 at 16.42 Report this

Upeat kuvat taas. Adjektiivit loppuu tällaiselta ”puolisuomalaiselta”, mutta ensiluokkaisia ja näyttäviä ovat.

Mikko Ankelo - 25.10.2017 at 19.56 Report this

Hienot kuvat! Ykköskuvan värisävyt ovat mukavaa vaihtelua monesti käytetylle kylmemmälle värisävylle.

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