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A fireball at night, brighter than a full moon - 8.11.2017 at 01.00 Vaala Observation number 68233

Visibility V / V

Jarmo Moilanen, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

This grabbed the fireball camera through the clouds. The strong flash caused by the disintegration of the body slightly overcame the moon outside the left edge of the image. From the flash, a bright cloud of plasma remained in the sky for a moment.

Image 1 is a summary image of the fireball camera video. It doesn't really show anything but a flash. Moon echo on the left.

Image 2 is a single half-frame video from which the song itself appears for the last time. It is the lowest spot on the fireball route. Immediately above it is a dim cloud that emerged from a smaller flash at the end. So it's not another song. The brightest spot in the van is the cloud created by the main decay, already somewhat dimmed. This frame is the situation about 0.36 seconds after the brightest flash.

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Additional information
  • Accuracy of the given observation time?
    • Maximum of 1 minutes difference possible
  • How long time did you see the fireball fly in the sky?
    • 2 seconds
  • How the flight of the fireball ended?
    • The fireball disappeared suddenly
  • In which direction the fireball disappeared out of sight?
    • Southwest
  • In which altitude the bolide disappeared from your sight?
    • About half way between the horizon and the zenith
  • Brightness of the fireball
    • A fireball at night, brighter than a full moon
Technical information

MV fireball camera.

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Tero Sipinen - 10.11.2017 at 22.34 Report this

Hämmästelin Santeri Pöyhösen havainnossa sitä että tulipallon vana oli tosi kirkas vielä muutamassa tulipallon jälkeisessä kolmen sekunnin ruudussa. Mietin sitä, että olisiko täysi Kuu valaissut savuvanaa, mutta arvelin, että itsevalaisu on kuitenkin ollut pääosassa. Nyt lisätyssä videossa näkyy vielä sen kirkkaan vanan jälkeen himmeämpi, tosi pitkäestoinen savukiehkura. Epäilemättä ollut komea näky livenä.

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