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Jupiter ja Mars - 7.1.2018 at 07.45 Helsinki Observation number 69313

Visibility III / V

Juha Parvio, Ursa (Helsinki)

I woke up early and happened to look out the window, noticing that there were stars! I looked south and thought Siriushan was there. I wondered if the window would make such a strong reflection below it. After a little thought, I realized that Jupiterhan there might shine with Mars. The stars of the yearbook confirmed the matter. However, when sleep no longer came, I set out to describe the heavenly encounter. After all, the planets were remarkably close, only 13 arc minutes apart! The binoculars were also decorated with the moons of Jupiter: Io and Europa on the left and Ganymedes and Kallisto on the right. The last is a comparison picture that illustrates the intimacy of the encounter. The moon is photographed with the same lens at the same time.

Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Conjuction of celestial bodies
  • Name of the observation target
    • Jupiter ja Mars
    • Keskitaso
Technical information

Canon EOS 1000D, EF 200mm f / 2.8

Comments: 4 pcs
Timo Alanko - 7.1.2018 at 13.06 Report this

Nyt tuli nukuttua onnensa ohi :(

Onneksi jotkut ovat olleet tilanteen tasalla : Hienosti dokumentoitu!

Juha Parvio - 7.1.2018 at 17.17 Report this

Kiitos! Minäkin ihan vain sattumalta heräsin oikeaan aikaan.

Antti Lampio - 7.1.2018 at 17.37 Report this

Hienot kuvat! 

Pirjo Koski - 7.1.2018 at 18.29 Report this

Katsoin aamulla ikkunasta ulos. Juu ei tarvinnut lähteä. Pilvisyys, as always. Hyvä, että sait kopin!

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