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Quiet aurora arc - 15.3.2018 at 23.06 Lieksa Observation number 71619

Visibility II / V

Once again, the wind coming from the crown opening was left behind the clouds in large areas of North Karelia. However, the cannon was promised for a couple of nights, and the values measured by the satellites gave hope for a great evening. So we started with Karri Pasanen towards Koli and the northern lights.

As we made our departure in the eighth evening, clear and moderately bright northern lights were visible in the northern sky in the backyard. We already thought pessimistically that we were late again in terms of filming, but we still set off. Still on the way, brighter lights were visible from the car window, but when we got there they had dimmed and a stable arc stuck in the sky. We waded in a hurry towards Husband-Koli, and a strong wind threw snow on his face as we searched for a place to shoot. On a couple of occasions, we both sank to the waist of the project. The wind had run the snow in some places just over a treacherous layer, where it was easy to go around ...

We found the scene pretty quickly, and then the wait began. The values measured by the satellites were in place, but another decent brightness did not happen on our trip. So we had time to play with the lights a bit, and that’s one output here. The model is Karri Pasanen, who stood in an amazingly strong wind. The image is a two-image composition with separate exposure for the foreground and the sky.

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Emma Bruus - 16.3.2018 at 09.57 Report this

Huh, onneksi selitit tuon erivalotusjutun. Hetken jo mietinkin, että onko autossasi rivi erivahvuisia taskulamppuja, joista sitten valitaan aina valotusaikaan sopivin. Olisi kyllä aika pro-viritys :}

Tuomo Arovainio - 16.3.2018 at 10.11 Report this

Olisihan se mukavaa napsata kaikki kohdalleen yhdellä valotuksella, mutta se vaatisi melkoisen paljon kirkkaammat tulet kuin eilen oli :). Toisaalta eilen sai rauhassa napsutella muutaman tämänkaltaisen kuvan, joten pitänee olla tyytyväinen loppujen lopuksi :).

Tero Sipinen - 16.3.2018 at 23.30 Report this

Mainio kuva. Ja kiepintekoaineksia näyttää tosiaan olevan jonkinverran enemmän kuin täällä etelässä, jossa sänki töröttää pelloilla näkyvissä (josta siitäkin on kyllä senverran iloa, että voi ihailla oppositioefektiä matalan Auringon aikaan :)

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