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At least 10 lightning strikes seen - 3.8.2018 at 22.00 - 3.8.2018 at 22.45 Kontiolahti Observation number 76304

Visibility IV / V

Painful twist with daylight and rain, but Karri Pasanen and I drove a couple of times to take pictures. I had pretty bad luck myself, but Karri got a few screens to succeed the night before.

Personally, I was left empty-handed until we set off on another trip. First, the sun set on the horizon below the clouds, painting the landscape a magnificent color. The result, of course, was a rainbow that put a little hurry on the clogs. The rain was considerable at this point, and only a couple of the pictures taken of the rainbow were successful. We continued a little distance after the thunder front, and ended up at the shore of the pond. We took the treadmill cameras to the stations as the thunder was receding at a good pace. Between exposures, I had to dry the lens together, as drops appeared in the images as soon as the drying was done.

One drying of the cell was caught by this. Didn’t become a waste trip and I’m more of a swimmer happy. The picture was taken about a meter from Karr’s camera, so we recorded pretty similar pictures. Fortunately, image envy cannot be created :).

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  • Observed storm phenomena
    • Anvil crawler info

      Alasinryömiäinen (englanniksi anvil crawler) on vaakasuuntaisesti taivaalla suuren etäisyyden liikkuva, tyypillisesti askeltaen etenevä salama, joka yleensä liittyy suureen ukkospilvijärjestelmään.

      Alasinryömiäiset ovat näyttäviä ja harvinaisia salamoita. Niiden pätkittäinen askel kerrassaan eteneminen voi tuoda strobovaloja muistuttavan vaikutelman.

Comments: 5 pcs
Mikko Peussa - 4.8.2018 at 06.42 Report this

Komea on!

Tero Sipinen - 4.8.2018 at 11.20 Report this

Vou! "Melko" hyvin täyttää kuva-alan! Mahtava kuva.

Jani Päiväniemi - 4.8.2018 at 12.35 Report this

Aivan mahtava kuva! Onnittelut osumasta!

Tuomo Arovainio - 4.8.2018 at 12.55 Report this

Kiitoksia! Illan ensimmäinen ja viimeinen onnistuminen....

Saara Tuohimetsä - 7.8.2018 at 22.55 Report this

Siinä kanssa melkonen mörkö ja täydellinen kuva!

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