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Total lunar eclipse - 21.1.2019 at 04.45 - 21.1.2019 at 09.15 Lohja, Liessaari Observation number 81315

Visibility IV / V

Jari Virtanen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Last July, the preparation was completely different. The night before, I went in the hot weather on the edge of a sand pit to watch the scene and practice shooting with a pair of tripods and a camera. The little boys still jumped down in the evening in swimwear from the edge of the sand pit and wonder what I was really doing. Now in -15 degree weather I had to think about what to wear and what to bring. I was going to shoot the entire 4.5-hour show outdoors from start to finish - without warming up. My night's sleep was 3 hours. When I went to put the car in the heating, I was about to give up the whole shooting trip ...

After talking, I got the marriage wing to take me by car to Haikari's parking lot at 4.15. From there, I dragged in a plastic stick - like a pole hiker as a whole - tripods and two backpacking stuff about 800 m to a cliff, from which I often see the evening sky. I was there on time, but it took so long to frost with the equipment for so long that the first minutes went unreported. But I wouldn't have noticed it in the pictures yet. The weather was clear, everything looked good. But as the eclipse progressed, cloud rafts and a thin cloud began to move past the moon. In addition, the wire shutter of the second camera did this (you shouldn't buy wire shutters on the outlet shelf as cheaply as possible - both for 8 euros! Nikon's own shutter release is now on the purchase list ...). I moved the intact shutter to the main camera. I continued shooting with one camera. At 6:41 the beginning of the total phase, I took pictures about every 10 seconds and after a few pictures the moon didn't disappear from view behind the clouds! So I only got a few pictures of a completely darkened moon. I waited for an hour. I already put the cameras in my backpack and I was leaving when at 7:50 I saw a dim sickle behind the clouds. The devices quickly reattached. At this point, I got a few pictures through a thin layer of cloud. Then an outdoor enthusiast arrived and was talked to. Admittedly, after half an hour, I noticed that I had taken a large number of blurry images. You shouldn't get excited to chat unless you make sure the focus is right from time to time ... The shadow of the earth and the disappearance of the oval moon after sunrise behind the other shore of Lake Lohjanjärvi are in the pictures.

I called my wife at 9:30 in the parking lot. At home, I left the backpacks and the equipment in them through them unopened and asked my wife to take them out only during the day to prevent moisture from entering the cameras and lenses. After breakfast and a little rest, I went to work.

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  • Eclipse type
    • Total lunar eclipse
Technical information

Of the images, I tried to stack the HDR image of several images in a partial phase. For a number of reasons, this didn’t really work out very well this time. The difference in extreme exposures was as much as 5.4 EV. This should be retried when it is time for the next (partial) blackout. On the shadow side, a faint bluish edge zone is noticeable. On the side of the half-shadow, it didn't really seem to be, even though it erroneously came from the two images into the blended image. Image times: 0. 8:44 7 minutes full shadow left at the edge of the moon 1. 5:43 full shadow advanced by 9 minutes 2. 6:15 26 minutes to full blackout 3. 6:41 full blackout begins 4. 7:54 11 minutes from full blackout 5. 8 : 50 on the edge of the moon left 1 minute full shade 6. 9:03 the edge of the moon was a few minutes outside the half shadow 7. 9:06 13 minutes into the moon, the sun rose 2 minutes earlier

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