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19127 Olegefremov - 29.9.2019 at 00.49 - 29.9.2019 at 01.08 Orimattila, Artjärvi, Tähtikallio Observation number 86505

Visibility III / V

19127 Olegefremov (1987 QH10,1971 QG, 2000 SZ295) The asteroid Mars crosser was photographed on the second night of the Stormbonger incident and extraordinary aids. The asteroid was discovered by Ukrainian astronomer Lyudmila Karachkina Crimean Astrophysical Observatory code 095 Crimea-Nauchnij on August 26, 1987. Dr. Lyudmila Karachkina has found a total of 130 asteroids, source Wikipedia . The asteroid is named after the hero of the Soviet folk artist-socialist work, Oleg Nikolaev Yefremov. Theater director Jefremov has starred in several successful films (c. 70). He has spent part of his youth in a camp in Vorkuta (Vorkutlag) in Siberia, source Wikipedia . There is little information on this little-studied asteroid, but perhaps no size estimate of the order of 1-5km (2.6km)? As we photographed, the asteroid was 0.555au away. 1Picture first picture measured, 2019-09-28T 21: 49: 28UT 2458755.40935JDUT 01h18m15.05s + 17d17'16.5 "15.0mag Std Dev 411.494, JPL Horizon 21: 49: 28UT 01h18m15.5s + 17d17'15.9" 15.73mag.
2Picture. last image measured, 22: 08: 15UT 2458755.42239JDUT 01h18m14.38s + 17d17'19.5 "15.5mag Std Dev 209.253, JPL Horizon 22: 08: 15UT 01h18m14.39s + 17d17'19.0" 15.73mag.
3Picture. sum of the stack, the movement is visible. No other asteroids below 20.0 mag are shown. BD +16 133 v.9.39mag stars used to calibrate the brightness measurement.

Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Asteroid
  • Name of the observation target
    • 19127 Olegefremov
    • Keskitaso
  • Seeing
    • Average
Technical information

Alluna RC16, C415 / 3320, SBIG 1001E, filter L, 10 x 120s

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