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Kvadrantidit - 4.1.2020 at 05.50 - 4.1.2020 at 08.05 Asikkala Observation number 87226

Visibility IV / V

For a long time, the weather and the six-month period hit their places enough with the flock of meteors. Although the short peak of the quadrantids was located in Finland during the bright period, it seemed to be lively a couple of hours in advance at dawn.

On Pulkkilanharju, wondering from the starry sky, a few dozen flights were visible to the naked eye. Most of them were quite fast and dim, but could accommodate a couple even brighter than Venus , who left behind the old one. The longest-lasting vanes glowed in the pictures for more than four minutes. A few slower flights belonging to a clearly different flock were also visible in the sky, such as the January Leonids (JLE), etc.

The flights were captured in ~ 1½ hours by a hundred flights, including the dimest. The videos are not yet properly reviewed, but the pace is about 2-3 flights per minute.

Images larger behind the link .

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Picture 1 from 6.08 to 7.25, 26 flights. Background 100 * 3s stack. 35mm, f / 2.5. | Figure 2 from 6.35 to 7.31, 8 flights. Background 41 * 8s stack. 18.3mm, f / 2.8. | Image 3 (video) at 7.21, brighter quadrant and Cassiopeia

Comments: 4 pcs
Kari Laihia - 5.1.2020 at 14.36 Report this

Hienot värit ensimmäisessä kuvassa. Onnittelut onnistuneessta kuvaus ja havainto yöstä.

Olli Sälevä - 5.1.2020 at 15.59 Report this

Viimeisessä kuvassa taivaanvahti toimessaan. :-)

Tero Sipinen - 5.1.2020 at 18.17 Report this

Ihan uskomaton setti taasen!

Samuli Ikäheimo - 8.1.2020 at 04.05 Report this

Kiitos paljon! Lisäsin raporttiin linkit videoklippeihin, jotka toivottavasti tuo lisää syvyyttä havaintoon. Pari edellistä kvadrantidia on mennyt pilvien alla, joten ainakin vuosikymmen alkoi nyt kirkkaammissa tunnelmissa.

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