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At least 10 lightning strikes seen - 25.6.2020 at 17.57 - 25.6.2020 at 18.13 Kajaani Observation number 91420

Visibility IV / V

Mörkö passed over Kajaani. Signs of what was to come were visible when I got home from work. Black clouds were visible behind Lake Oulujärvi and a glance at Lightning Maps ensured that the Puokio-Jaalanka area flashed hard. Based on the maps, I thought that the most violent lightning would run from the north of Kajaani towards Sotkamo. Coffee and ice creams were enjoyed on the terrace in the scorching heat. Gradually, individual rumbles began to be heard and soon the rumbles turned into an almost uninterrupted rumble. It still seemed that the violent air was passing north of Kajaani. Lightning began to appear and soon lightning was also fierce. Below the thunderstorm further afield seemed to be some sort of formation, whether there was some kind of avalanche cloud. I photographed a thunderstorm with the Lightning Camera app when I noticed a separate, much lower and closer rolling cloud and it came towards. The coast of Oulu sometimes showed frightening-looking, low-passing sausage-like clouds that could cross over without lightning. However, I focused on still filming the lightning play to the north. Soon a low approaching cloud began to make a roaring sound to the pattern that forcibly drew attention to it. The trees and shrubs began to sway restlessly, causing the alarm bells to ring that now inside and briskly. Soon the relentless wind was on, and the house was at its joints. The severity of the wind is reflected in the fact that the trunk of a birch about 15-20 m high bent at almost 90 angles from the force of the wind. I was afraid our trampoline would take off despite the extra weights. Fortunately, did not leave. The fiercest winds continued to roar as it began to rain heavily, sometimes downright unruly sized drops. However, no granules came and the lightning was isolated. The strong wind calmed down into mere rain and that too paused pretty soon. I went to see the achievements of the wind. Trees had fallen on the roads, and in the neighborhood a garbage canopy and a small litter had fallen. It was later revealed that the beast that had passed over had blown at Kajaani's Paltaniemi Airport in a gust of about 27 m / s. Despite the severity of the wind, I was left with the image that the center of the storm went a little north of Kajaani and the "only" edge area went over the city. The storm rose really fast and people were left out at the mercy of the harsh weather. No wonder no one visited anything.

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Emma Bruus - 26.6.2020 at 22.14 Report this

Oikein kaunis animaatio ja muutenkin oiva myrskysaalis!

Esa Palmi - 27.6.2020 at 14.37 Report this

Tämä on ollut kesän ehdottomasti kovin ukkonen tähän mennessä. Kajaanin ja Sotkamon seudulla on edelleen asukkaita ilman sähköjä. Puita on kaatunut paljon. Tutkassa ukkonen näytti hurjalta, erittäin teräväksi muodostunut kärki ja leveällä alueella.

Jari Ylioja - 27.6.2020 at 14.52 Report this

Hieno havainto.

Juho Pöllänen - 28.6.2020 at 08.38 Report this

Kiitos kommenteista! Toisinaan havaintoja ei tarvitse lähteä kotipihaa kauemmas tekemään, vaan ne suorastaan vyöryvät luokse. Myrsky sai nimen Uuno.

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