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Binocular comet NEOWISE - 15.7.2020 at 01.10 - 15.7.2020 at 01.14 Varkaus Observation number 91946

Visibility II / V

Veli-Pekka Hentunen, Warkauden Kassiopeia

I photographed a C2020 F3 (Neowise) comet at the Härkämäki Observatory TS APO with an 80 mm f / 7 lens telescope and an SBIG STT-8300M CCD camera. I took 60 shots with a G-filter and 2.5 s exposures.

The comet was clearly visible in the camera images. The tail also came into the picture well. I finally looked at the subject with the observatory's Meade16 "telescope. The core of the comet was clear and the coma was well visible. The tail was not visible when viewed with the telescope.

In the pictures below, the north is at the top and the east is on the left. The size of the image field is about 2.5x3.0 degrees. The bright star from the core of the comet down to the right is GSC 3406-3262. Its brightness is about 5.6 mag.

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Comet
  • Name of the observation target
    • C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)
    • Heikosti näkyvä
  • Weather
    • Taivas oli pilvetön, pohjoinen taivas oli hyvin valoisa, pohjoisella taivaalla oli utua/sumua lämpötilan nopean laskun takia, lämpötila +8C
  • Title for the comet
    • Binocular comet
Technical information

TS APO 80mm f / 7 lens telescope mounted on Meade 16 "ACF telescope, Paramount ME tripod, SBIG STT-8300M CCD camera Exposure 60 x 2.5 s G filter

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