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M86 - 7.3.2021 at 00.00 Varkaus Observation number 96644

Visibility IV / V

Ville Puoskari, Warkauden Kassiopeia

I photographed the Markarian chain for four nights from my remote observatory in Varkaus. The exposure accumulated for a total of just over 18 hours. The picture shows about 200 galaxies, the dimest of which are magnitude 20.

Larger image and annotated version:

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Deep space object
  • Designation
    • M86
    • Näyttävä
  • Constellation
    • Virgo
  • Weather
    • Selkeää, kuutonta.
  • Darkness
    • Good
  • Seeing
    • Good
  • Galaxies
    • Galaxy cluster info

      In a galaxy cluster there are tens or hundreds of galaxies. Typically a moderate big instrument is needed to see galaxy clusters.


      The galaxy cluster Hickson 44 in Leo in composed of four galaxies. Image Timo Inkinen.

Technical information

SkyWatcher Esprit 100mm f / 5.5 lens telescope, ZWO ASI1600MM-C, SkyWatcher EQ6 guided with ASI224MC color camera, TS Optics LRGB filters.

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