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(313254) 2001 VP101 - 25.9.2017 at 01.09 - 25.9.2017 at 01.28 Orimattila, Artjärvi, Tähtikallio Observation number 98902

Visibility I / V

(313254) 2001 VP101 (2001 VP101) The asteroid on the inner edge of the main zone was photographed on the Sunday of the September 2017 DS weekend. When photographing the Mars crossing asteroid (133819) 2003 XS this came according to the picture. The asteroid was discovered by the LINEAR Socorro Exploration Program, (704 Lincoln Laboratory ETS, New Mexico) on November 12, 2001. Total estimate 900m. When photographed, the asteroid was 0.740au at a distance and 0.735au on the nearest September 18, 2017.
1Picture. first image 1-2 stack of images measured, 2017-09-24T 22: 10: 19UT 2458021.423831JDUT 23h44m20.78s -02d59'39.0 "18.362mag Std Dev 158.264 SNR14.128 FWHM4.874", JPL Horizon 22: 10: 19UT 23h44m20 .89s -02d59'38.9 "18.528mag.
2Picture. last image 9-10 images stacked, 2017-09-24UT 22: 27: 08UT 2458021.43550JDUT 23h44m20.10s -02d59'40.0 "18.528mag Std Dev 131.903 SNR10.869 FWHM5.402", JPL Horizon 22: 27: 08UT 23h44m20. 24s -02d59'39.9 "18.528mag.
3Picture. Summary image of the stack, motion not visible. Asteroid (133819) 2003 XS 15.9mag, motion shown. Asteroid (213821) 2003 QO52 18.722mag, motion shown. Asteroid (52202) 3124 T-3 18.733mag, motion shown. No other asteroids below 20.5mag. UCAC2 30937394 v.12.553mag stars used to calibrate brightness measurement.

Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Asteroid
  • Name of the observation target
    • (313254) 2001 VP101
    • Erittäin heikosti näkyvä
  • Seeing
    • Good
Technical information

Alluna RC16, C415 / 3320, SBIG 1001E, filter L, 10 x 120 s

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