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Bright night shining clouds - 12.7.2021 at 23.45 - 13.7.2021 at 01.00 Espoo Observation number 99504

Visibility IV / V

I returned from the cottage from Kajaani to Espoo, here in the south it will be a dark and immediately comfortable night cloud bush. I periodically visit a nearby park to take a couple of raps in memory. Watch the pond picture taken with fisu and a couple of detail flaps taken from the hand on a small telescope.

I didn't seem to be able to wait in the yard to wait for the darkest moment of the night, but the camera came unloaded at home, and seeing this reportage, I'm still writing a quarter to two ... the show still seems to continue from the window, which is not surprising in itself.

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Additional information
  • Havainto
    • Night shining clouds
  • Cloud coverage in the sky
    • Covered 1/4 of the sky
  • Noctilucent clouds
    • Swirl info

      Swirls are curved night shining cloud forms. For example, a single night cloud belt or group of waves may be curved on a clear bend.

      The arrow indicates a slight vortex in the night cloud belt. Photo by Joni Tahkoniemi.

      Strong swirls in image taken by Veikko Mäkelä.

    • Waves info

      Waves of noctilucent clouds are short, close groups of clouds.

      Wavy NLC by Jari Luomanen.


      NLC waves by Hannu Määttänen.

    • Band info

      Bands of noctilucent clouds are long, stripe like cloudformation.

      A single, very bright NLC band. Photo by Mikko Peussa.


      On the upper left corner, rising bands are clear on the image. Whereas waves of NLC cover the bottom right side of the image. Photo by Juha Tonttila.

    • Veil info

      The night cloud vail is a vague thin night shining cloud with no clear structure.

      Noctilucent cloud veil with one strong belt formation. Image by Veikko Mäkelä.

  • Brightness of the noctilucent clouds
    • Bright night shining clouds
Technical information

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk2 w / M. Zuiko 8mm / 1.8 fisheye / M. Zuiko 45mm / 1.8

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Veikko Mäkelä - 13.7.2021 at 10.27 Report this

Joo, vielä klo 2 näkyi alempein pilvien seassa kirkkaana itä/koillinen-sektorilla.   

Näköjään tänä kesänä saa olla valppaana noiden yöpilvien ilmestymisen kanssa.  Itse myöhästyin ja huomasin vasta klo 23.55.  Arpalahden Pentti näköjään on huomannut vajaata kymmentä minuuttia sinuakin aiemmin.   

Itse olin katsomassa ruskoa noin klo 23.20, jolloin ei vielä näkynyt.  Lopultakin yöpilvet tulevat näkyviin yllättävän nopeasti.

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