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Landscape image of a planet - 19.7.2021 at 02.15 Kouvola Observation number 99871

Visibility III / V

Tero Sipinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

For many nights I had admired the brilliantly brilliant Jupiter and the slightly more modest Saturn from the south-facing balcony. Now, after night clouds, I was inspired to capture a landscape planet image of a pair of planets. To the actual planetary images when my fleet is not sufficient.

Of course, the moons of Jupiter can be seen even with a modest camera, and it was a small experience when you realized with joy that the moons could be photographed with your own camera. Even now, after taking a wide-angle picture, I switched to a longer tube and, for fun, zoomed into Jupiter. The moons were also nicely displayed on the live screen.

I also aimed my 600-millimeter at Saturn, and I didn't think I could bring out any details. The surprise was quite considerable when I was separated from the magnified image by the tires !? I experimented with a bit of different exposures and after all, those rings really stood out, it wasn't about any drawing error or camera shake.

I now attached these experiments as a bonus image for this landscape planet image. At the Stellarium I bet that the moons of Jupiter from left to right are: Io, Europa, Ganymedes and Kallisto. There are three slightly differently exposed images of Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn are on the same scale, all 4 sub-images are 100% cropped of images taken at 600mm.

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