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Light pillars

8.12.2021 at 07.25 - 08.20 - Turku (II)
Lasse Nurminen

Early in the morning, driven by the hopes of yesterday's single pillar. Yesterday’s visual booth took place after about half past nine at dawn, so now the idea was to take advantage of an even darker morning. And after all, there was still ice fog even today, and with it the pillars to be photographed again. The best pillar workshops were found in the yard's "backyard", on the actual façade side of Raisio's marina there was nothing more to see on the yard. I think the crystal cloud can move away from the top of the yard when I change sides. The crystal cloud still extended to some ...

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Light pillars

7.12.2021 at 18.30 - Tampere (II)
Johannes Dahlström, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Tuesday night offered a clearly higher quality crystal than Monday, and the handsome pillar play could be admired from the home balcony.

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A fireball in a daytime sky

7.12.2021 at 14.32 - Oulu, Haukipudas (III)
Tero Moilanen

The northeast-facing camera recorded a fireball flight in a northerly direction.

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Rare halos

7.12.2021 at 10.33 - Södertälje, Ruotsi (IV)
Osmo Kinnunen

Walk At Saltskogsfjärden in Södertälje. Several Halo effects of the sun. The picture was taken 2021-12-07, at 10:33. Complements with a picture taken two minutes later. (pintahalo). The order in the pictures is now the lower tangent arc as no: 1. Regards Osmo 2021-12-08 SINCERELY Osmo Kinnunen

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Several halo forms

7.12.2021 at 09.20 - 11.20 - Turku,Ruissalo (II)
Paula Mattila

There was a bit of chaotic photography because I went by bus past the place where the halos were noticeably bright and it took a while before I got back there. as new, the slightly processed picture shows that Moilanen's arch.

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Binocular comet Leonard

7.12.2021 at 07.00 - 07.10 - Lieto
Matti Helin, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I went to put the car in the heating. I took the camera and tripod with me and pointed the lens towards Arcturus. I grabbed a dozen squares in the breezy twenty-degree frost and then hurried my fingers to warm up by the coffee mug. Nice target and I guess to be my tenth comet.

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Light pillars

6.12.2021 at 22.31 - Tampere (II)
Markku Lintinen, Tampereen Ursa

In the evening of Independence Day, handsome artificial light pillars were visible in Tampere. To the east, a huge flux of light escaping from the central hospital area into the sky is an uncomfortable phenomenon that, after its recent increase, has already severely hampered observations.

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Quiet aurora arc

6.12.2021 at 20.55 - 20.20 - Pudasjärvi (II)
Toivo Kiminki, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

Clear frost bridge, -25 degrees. The northern lights did not appear spectacular in any way, but something like this was the ratchet of Independence Day evening.

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Telescopic comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

5.12.2021 at 01.00 - 04.09 - Orimattila, Artjärvi, Viestikallio (III)
Jorma Ryske, Etelä-Suomen kosmol. seura

The comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko still dimly shows the dust trail accumulated from previous rounds of the comet in front of the core. My previous observation on this was 11/11/2021 Picture 1) 30x30s Clear filter, stacked according to the stars, exposures from 2021-12-04_2257UT Figure 2) R filter 660nm / 70nm Figure 10x90s 2021-12-04_2318UT Figure 3) R filter CometCIEF processed. In addition to the tail, a particle jet directed to the lower left PA120 ° is distinguished Figure 4) CN filter 387nm / 15nm cyanide radical emission 3883Å Figu...

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Starscape image

6.12.2021 at 01.10 - 07.00 - Kaarina, Piikkiö (III)
Jouni Hovi

There were no fireballs or anything interesting left in the camera wounds, so I pushed the streak image out of the pictures. The temperature / tone differences of the stars stand out nicely. Photographed from October 1 to July 7. In the stack, 950 frames a´10s @ISO 640.

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