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Active aurora band

3.10.2022 at 23.20 - 01.00 - Laitila (III)
Pirjo Koski, Porin Karhunvartijat

The whole thing was like hunting for cloud gaps, but it was worth it . The theme of the evening was the color red, which was enough in the upper parts of the repos. There was a possibility of a SAR arc, but the sea ice pictures are really bad due to the prevailing cloudiness, so I didn't check the point. Sarri's red and Sarri's "helper" was in the sky. I don't remember seeing such red lights for a while. There was also a pink, single pillar at the beginning of the play. The pulsating patches were wild, now the patch on the west side was the best we could see. These beat quite m...

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2.10.2022 at 20.50 - 21.10 - Parikkala (III)
Markku Poutanen, Ursa (Helsinki)

First light. As a result of a lengthy project, the first image through the new telescope. The easiest deep sky object to test the equipment on. The conditions were a bit challenging because of the humidity. All surfaces were wet and the beam of the headlamp revealed the wetness in all its harshness. After the pictures of the Andromeda galaxy, moisture started to appear as a ring around the stars, so more attempts had to be left inside. Technically and in terms of image processing still very lacking, but it was tested that everything works. Second, a picture of the hardware. A concrete pillar b...

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2.10.2022 at 01.08 - Lappeenranta (III)
Jerry Jantunen, Ursa (Helsinki)

I was waiting for a possible gap in the clouds, and Jupiter finally hit a suitable gap for one short video clip. Europa and Ganymede were visible next to Jupiter. Collimation wouldn't have been bad, but there wasn't enough cloud gap for that.

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Rare halos

3.10.2022 at 12.25 - 12.35 - Tampere (IV)
Johannes Dahlström

Stumbled upon while walking around in the center of Tampere. In addition to the usual 22° stuff, there was more to be found in the sky when I stayed for a while to look. The contrast and clarity of the images have been increased, which brought Parry quite clearly into view. I can't vouch for the identity of the 46° halo, but apparently ysk is more likely than a ring?

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Several halo forms

3.10.2022 at 07.49 - 08.50 - Turku (II)
Paula Mattila

A bright 22ys started the halo day, by nine also came 22r, side suns and solar pillar. When after ten there was another chance to observe the sky, you could still see the side suns otherwise the sky was covered by lower clouds.

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Light pillars

3.10.2022 at 06.35 - Lieto (II)

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Milky way

1.10.2022 at 20.56 - 01.16 - Naantali (III)
Lasse Nurminen

The Milky Way stands out fairly comfortably in the direction of Merimasku, although the distance to the light pollution of the Turku area is not impossibly long. Of course, the shooting direction is away from the glow of the interference light, so that also helps in capturing the subject better. Occasional clouds hindered the view from time to time. The first picture from nine corners and the latter from the end of the observation time.

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One halo form

2.10.2022 at 17.52 - Naantali (I)
Lasse Nurminen

Dimly gazing throughout the day starting in the morning whenever the lower clouds retreated, in the form of side sun, zyk and 22° ring. Along with the perches, there was less of a photo opportunity, but the evening sun on the left side was bright enough that I had to capture it. Of course, at that point we had already reached the shore and a longer camera was also available.

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IC 1805

5.9.2022 at 22.00 - 23.59 - Hyvinkää (IV)
Antti-Jussi Pyykkönen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

I tried shooting a classic subject at a short focal length with a little APO, which I've kept on the shelf for far too long with other projects. For this picture, I also practiced JP Metsävainio's tone mapping technique and now I realized in practice what a wonderful process it is.

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Quiet aurora arc

1.10.2022 at 22.25 - 00.55 - Mäntyharju (II)
Antti Taskinen, Joensuun Seulaset

The aurora borealis in the sky of Mäntyharju remained silent. With the naked eye, you could only see a very weak reflection low in the north, the camera did capture shades of green and red. Weak aurora borealis are good for taking a star streak photo.

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