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Pearl clouds

27.1.2023 at 16.50 - 17.20 - Helsinki (IV)
Matias Takala, Kuopion Saturnus

The Föhn wind brought pearly clouds when it came, it was just a matter of where you can time the observation yourself. The time of sunset turned out to be excellent, there were plenty of type I clouds in the direction of the setting sun. The brown one was pretty handsome too.

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Pearl clouds

27.1.2023 at 16.45 - 17.30 - Helsinki (III)
Pentti Arpalahti

25 minutes after sunset, a promising glow appeared in the west. The fan also appeared at 17.00. The show clearly faded from half past six in the evening. At least there was acid and brown. There was no clear water. In the photo, there is a gray left-over rod that is no longer exposed to direct sunlight.

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Comet with naked eye coma ZTF

26.1.2023 at 19.24 - 19.34 - Rautalampi (II)
Vesa Vauhkonen, Sisä-Savon Ursa

A ten minute vision. 550 mm is an unnecessarily long focal length if you want to see even the tail. Here's a hint of a tail, maybe also a "forward" looking beginning of a diffuse discharge. To be tried next with a 135 mm camera lens (if available).

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Binocular comet ZTF

27.1.2023 at 00.40 - Akaa
Markku Ruonala

The comet was easily found near familiar stars. I described the comet with different variations and I think this 1.5 minute single frame was the best. The focal length was 200 mm and the camera was on the tracking device. The observation conditions were good, because of that I tried to see the comet's head with my naked eyes, but I dare not say for sure, the comet had too clear a place in the sky and the vision could have been a bit of an imagination.

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Comet with naked eye coma ZTF

27.1.2023 at 00.15 - 01.30 - Lieto (I)
Matti Helin, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

The weather was pretty good, the ground was black and the sky was relatively foggy. The light pollution was a bit of a problem, but in the end the picture turned out to be ok. Image made of 20 images, each exposure time 8-10 seconds. The pines from the single photo are attached separately to the stack. Baking DS pictures is not a familiar task at all, so the adjustments were made with a so-called mutt.

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Comet with naked eye coma ZTF

27.1.2023 at 02.07 - 03.16 - Fregenal de la Sierra, Espanja (I)
Tapio Lahtinen, Tampereen Ursa

I even took a short series of pictures of the comet from Spain so that the tripod followed the movement of the comet (and not the stars normally). The tail can really be seen very far with longer exposures. Have to try how far.

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Pearl clouds

26.1.2023 at 15.15 - 18.00 - Lieto (I)
Matti Helin, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

A beautiful display. There were also a few clouds of water ice pearls. A special phenomenon was a clear orange-brown glow opposite the sunset that was visible on land around 5:30 p.m. I have never seen such opposition before (photo 2) Several panoramic blanks were taken, but we'll see, because we can attack them. One hastily done included, but it has a little bit of everything... Last picture about an hour after sunset.

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26.1.2023 at 20.31 - 20.40 - Lempäälä (IV)
Ari Haavisto, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

After all, we hit that weather a little bit before Mars had time to cool down completely.

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Rare halos

21.1.2023 at 11.47 - 12.30 - Lahti (IV)
Teemu Hämäläinen, Lahden Ursa

Last Saturday, several different halos were visible in the fairly dense ice fog, the brightest of which was the 22 overhead arc. However, the most special was a very diffuse colorless arc, which was quite sharply defined, roughly estimated at a distance of about 80 degrees from the sun. The highest point of the arch reached to the sky. I don't know if the arc is the right term for that halo, because it seemed more like the border of the ice crystals flickering, so that you could see crystals on the side of the sun and significantly less immediately outside the arc.

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Pearl clouds

26.1.2023 at 17.00 - 17.40 - Akaa (II)
Markku Ruonala

The shopping trip turned into a photography trip when a handsome brown began to peek out from behind the low clouds, which soon turned out to be a pearly brown. When I got to my observation spot, it had been an hour since sunset, so the twilight had already taken a firm hold, but there was still enough light available that pearls, even a few prettier fibers, could be found in the shallows.

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