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Quiet aurora arc

14.1.2022 at 23.15 - Hamina (II)
Heikki Jokiranta

Dull dunes (?) In a northern lights belt that ran across the sky for a short time. Later brighter and more varied fires.

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Active aurora band

21.1.2022 at 19.05 - 00.30 - Paljakka, Puolanka (III)
Minna Glad, Kuopion Saturnus

The northern lights were hiding behind the clouds in the early evening in seven countries. At eight, the clouds tolerated receding, and a quarter later the arc began to live and lift its calm rays. At half past nine the arc restrained itself to settle down and at times almost disappeared from view. A quarter past nine it brightened and condensed, but a decent sub-storm had not yet begun. After half an hour, two arcs appeared and again a calm radiance. By half past one, the greenery had dimmed to such an extent that I decided to take a tea break. The pause stretched for an hour, but then an int...

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22.1.2022 at 10.25 - 10.45 - Naantali (II)
Lasse Nurminen

In the morning I decided to take a look at the surface halo situation in Luolalanjärvi in Naantali. The place was just a passel, the surface was just a crack of mostly mixed snow and ice structures, following the recent weather. A crystal suitable for halos was eventually found in a very scarce area. In addition, the fumes of the thermal power plant as they dripped from the barrel created considerable shading on the ice, impairing observation. Nothing detached from the middle of my eyes and I decided to walk to the north end. There, after a small search, a rather nice 22 ° snippet was found, t...

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Quiet aurora arc

21.1.2022 at 18.58 - 22.20 - Kuusamo, Käylä (II)
Jani Päiväniemi, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

The northern lights were already visible in the early evening so I decided to put the camera to shoot the timelapse for the evening. The video was just over three hours old. The lens froze at times and the heater had to be put on for the rest of the time, it was so cold.

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Quiet aurora band

14.1.2022 at 22.27 - 22.41 - Hamina (II)
Juhani Hokkanen

As the Northern Lights appeared, I noticed a wavy shape in the arc of the west, which I now call the Northern Lights Dune

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Pearl clouds

17.1.2022 at 15.44 - 15.45 - Sodankylä (III)
Dennis Lehtonen

I have always tried pearls every morning and evening. I guess on Monday and I took a picture from the backyard on the phone. Samsung s21 +

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Active aurora band

15.1.2022 at 01.45 - 05.10 - Tampere (III)
Kari A. Kuure, Tampereen Ursa

The northern lights of the morning began as a calm arc but very quickly turned into an active belt with rays. The fast-moving fires were that in some images they appear more or less diffuse.

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Pearl clouds

20.1.2022 at 15.36 - Kuusamo, Rukatunturi (II)
Jani Päiväniemi, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

At work, after dusk, I almost certainly noticed pearl clouds heading south / west. There might have been other types of clouds as well as shining in brighter spots on the shore of the sky. Too bad when the camera was not included but I tried to document what I saw on my cell phone.

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James Webb

26.12.2021 at 20.19 - 21.00 - Tervakoski (II)
Petri Kuossari, Riihimäen tähtit. yhdistys

The James Webb Space Telescope has been spotted several days after launch, now data from the Seti Institute began to flow. Let's start here.

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Half-sky auroras

19.1.2022 at 23.43 - 02.24 - Karigasniemi (IV)
Tarja Kouvo

I waited a couple of hours after the first couple of flares. After that, there was only that gauze and vague light mass in the sky that desperately tried to come to life. I decided to go home. Just before I arrived in the village they then woke up. From time to time, my head flew over my head.

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