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Half-sky auroras

7.10.2015 at 22.28 - Helsinki (IV)
Olli Hintikka

A rare treat in Helsinki! I arrived at the observation site next to Sörnäinen Prison and on the horizon there was a calm northern lights belt and almost in the zenith a diffuse gauze that spread over the whole sky (second image). At 9:24 p.m., the gauze on my head "exploded" into bright and very vibrant northern lights (image one). I have never experienced a sudden eruption like that before. After this, dancing arches appeared in the northern hemisphere that gradually faded. A really awesome play that started early. #epraitoja

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All-sky aurora

7.10.2015 at 21.00 - Mäntyharju (V)
Markku Siljama, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Horizontal track observations In connection with tonight’s play, I dug up the 162 photos I took to look for horizontal tracks and they were found in every other photo! They seemed to have appeared all over the sky from 8 pm to 10 pm but most clearly in the east-west arc that dominated the sky, which reached all the way to the south of the zenith. A few pictures suddenly selected 1. at 20.17 east 2.ed in disbelief 3. at 20.28 west 4. at 20.34 west believed 5. at 21.00 east believed 6. at 21.19 lunch supposed 7 a.m. 9:21 p.m. 8. at 21.26 east believed Somehow they seem to be north-south oriented...

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Half-sky auroras

7.10.2015 at 20.30 - Kirkkonummi (IV)
Katri Kuparinen

I had to dig old archives with the dunes here and I found the picture below, although not of such good quality, photographed on a mobile phone and some of the adjustments were still lost when I had just done it quite recently. Apparently still a little shaky, but would there still be those dunes here? Only one time set, ie the time the picture was taken. From the other pictures, I couldn’t compare it to wondering if I could or wouldn’t.

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All-sky aurora

7.10.2015 at 19.50 - 22.00 - Aura (V)
Kari Saari

I had to check the first northern lights pictures of my life that were taken on October 7, 2015 and there seemed to be a dune to be found there.

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Quiet aurora band

18.2.2020 at 19.50 - 20.00 - Kornsjö, Örnsköldsvik, Ruotsi (II)
Michael Estwik

Lyckades fånga det nya phenomenon dyner.

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Quiet aurora band

7.10.2018 at 20.34 - Pori (II)
Maria Rönni

7.10.2018 was an exceptionally handsome northern lights show that I was admiring in the nearby field with my son. Today (January 29, 2020) has been reported about a new form of northern lights, a dune that has been visible that night. I had to dig out the boxes myself, and a couple of pictures were found in which the phenomenon can be seen.

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All-sky aurora

7.10.2015 at 20.28 - Nokia (V)
Aki Karjalainen

Inspired by the news of the day, I also went to rummage through my old pictures. At the bottom of one image, the bongas dunes quite clearly. Nokia had some clouds a nuisance that night and to their peak those stripes must have gone to me originally. The clouds illuminated by the street lights stand out from the northern lights due to their slightly dirty brown-orange color. Plus, the picture is pretty lousy anyway, so I haven’t paid more attention to it before. However, a good indication of why even poor pictures should always be saved!

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Quiet aurora arc

7.10.2015 at 20.30 - Mikkeli (II)
Jani Lauanne

Quite bright and nicely lively northern lights. When they began to calm down then the children to sleep. #epraitoja

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Diffuse glow

7.10.2015 at 21.12 - Turku (I)
Marko Vallius

To the north, a bright, long and stable Northern Lights: like a long-stretched green cloud. Further east, a dimmer and slightly more lively green fire. In addition, a green gauze under the starry sky, which filled almost the entire sky, was recorded in the camera. #epraitoja

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Active aurora band

7.10.2015 at 21.34 - 21.40 - Espoo (III)
Markus Hotakainen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The greenish arc that appeared in the northern sky set out to ascend, activated as a belt, and culminated in its crown (memory four years ago, there may be a throw in the clock for a few minutes). #epraitoja

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Half-sky auroras

7.10.2015 at 21.29 - 21.32 - Lieto (IV)
Sakari Ekko, Turun Ursa

I also dug up old northern lights, and from this and the other two pictures I found a dune-like formation on the left side. The formation moved a few minutes further south, away from the field of view. It is no longer visible in the image taken at 21.33. I have processed the image quite heavily to make the dunes I assume more visible. My diary includes e.g. an indication of the final stage of the northern lights, after the corona at about 11.30 pm: "Finally, fast streaks and spots flashed in the sky, which I could not picture, for the changes took place even in tenths of a second. I have not j...

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