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All-sky aurora

15.1.2022 at 01.34 - 02.14 - Pori (IV)
Tuikku Asikainen, Porin Karhunvartijat

There was a family in the village and I was wondering if I could go on a northern hunt for a while, when the activity values were quite high. Dinner had stretched over half the night and there were clouds, but we decided to go hopefully to the beach to see if anything could be seen from the cloud. My son-in-law and a couple of the grandchildren went along and we got a ride. The diverse northern lights of the whole sky, the big arcs across the sky, the rays and all sorts of weird shapes and then just as we were packing the camera, the colors came in the morning. The month didn’t bother me much ...

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Half-sky auroras

14.1.2022 at 20.10 - 06.00 - Ulvila (IV)
Juha Ojanperä, Porin Karhunvartijat

Näyttävä, parhaimmillaan puolen taivaan revontulinäytelmä oli tallentunut Karhukameraan yöllä 14./15.1.2022. Revontulet ilmestyivät jo alkuillasta ja jatkuivat aamu-kuuteen asti. Kirkas kuutamo ja ajoittain runsas pilvisyys haittasivat ajoittain revontulinäytelmän näkymistä, varsinkin alkuillasta.

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Quiet aurora arc

10.1.2022 at 20.50 - 22.15 - Ulvila (II)
Juha Ojanperä, Porin Karhunvartijat

Yöllä 10./11.1.2022 oli Karhukameraan tallentunut vähäistä revontuliaktiivisuutta.

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Barnard 33

25.12.2021 at 22.00 - 00.00 - Nakkila (IV)
Tomi Kurri, Porin Karhunvartijat

On Christmas Eve, the weather brightened for a moment and I was able to photograph one of the most amazing objects in the starry sky, the Horse's Head Nebula in the constellation of Orion. The total exposure time of the image is 2 hours.

Active aurora band

1.1.2022 at 19.58 - Ulvila (III)
Vesa Puistovaara, Porin Karhunvartijat

The third newcomer to the Bear Camera project briefly noticed an activated arc of northern lights. The camera had only been on the roof of the observatory for about an hour. Using the existing equipment, we came up with a new utility for this camera (Imaging Source DBK 41AU02. AS) as a northern lights camera ... "low-cost", ie adding a small budget to the project. ... and right after the findings, the report came with a new USB extension cord that would work. So it's that cheap idea again ... so the video connection was cut off for a very short time :)

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Glory from the ground

27.12.2021 at 14.24 - Laitila (V)
Riku Poskiparta, Pirjo Koski, Porin Karhunvartijat

I was coming to the dentist when I noticed a wonderfully rising mist. I already knew the scenery was really stunning, so I decided to pick up my wife's home quickly, even if I could see surface halves ... And you could see them. The halo was insanely bright and had a clear perimeter structure. #bonga100 pictures 1 and 3 Pirjo Koski picture 2 Riku Poskiparta

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Mare Orientale

26.12.2021 at 01.45 - 02.20 - Harjavalta (IV)
Jari Kuula, Porin Karhunvartijat

The company draws Mare Orientale at a time of favorable librarianship. Small, gusty, -18 degrees Celsius. The viewing pleasure dropped relative to the temperature cube, resulting in the fastest drawing of the winter! The moon was low (about 32 degrees) and there was something awkward in the air, not good weather. Nicely, however, the eastern sea was visible with its small lakes, just as if the far end of the sea had also separated. The Orientale Basin has broken the old craters of the region at birth, with young Byrgius A trying to clear it by extending its rays all the way to the sea. The IAU...

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5066 Garradd

5.12.2021 at 05.11 - 05.30 - Orimattila, Artjärvi, Tähtikallio (III)
Kari Laihia, Toni Veikkolainen, Veikko Mäkelä, Porin Karhunvartijat

5066 Garradd (1990 MA) A Mars-crossing asteroid was photographed on the second night of the December work. When photographing 50yrs. at a distance from the Big Bear Milky Way-sized spiral galaxy NGC 3675, this came into the picture. The asteroid was discovered by Robert H McNaught at the Siding Springs Observatory on June 22, 1990. The asteroid is named after Gordon John Garradd, an Australian amateur astronomer. Gordon Garradd has found a total of 16 comets and 31 asteroids. He lives outside the electricity grid and uses solar as well as wind power. Garrad has built several telescopes himself...

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16.12.2021 at 21.00 - 22.00 - Rauma (III)
Jarkko Laukkanen, Porin Karhunvartijat

The first target of the outer planet hunt was Uranus. The moon only shone about 30 degrees away, but I decided to give it a try because the sky looked clear at the start. Uranus was found after a reasonable search for the cell, aided by the Stellarium. The clouds began to wander in the sky, but I continued to shoot until the sky completely disappeared. The processing had to throw away quite a lot of images and the gradients caused by the Moon were also a disadvantage.

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20.12.2021 at 18.00 - 19.30 - Rauma (II)
Jarkko Laukkanen, Porin Karhunvartijat

The changing winters of early winter have to be taken advantage of somehow, so I decided to “capture” the outer planets on the cell. Today it was Neptune's turn. By comparing the search map and test exposures of the Stellarium, I first searched for the western "head" of the Pisces (the ring formed by the stars), from which I headed down until Neptune was in the center of the image area. I took some sort of picture with both 70mm and 200mm focal lengths. The clouds interrupted the recording, so we had to return soon inside to edit the images. The first 2 images were taken at 70 mm, and the ...

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Active aurora band

19.12.2021 at 23.45 - 00.00 - Ulvila (III)
Vesa Puistovaara, Porin Karhunvartijat

Active midnight northern lights belt at the turn of the day (December 19-20, 2021) for the Bear Camera project.

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6164 Gerhardmuller

4.12.2021 at 20.45 - 20.58 - Orimattila, Artjärvi, Tähtikallio (II)
Kari Laihia, Toni Veikkolainen, Veikko Mäkelä, Porin Karhunvartijat

6164 Gerhardmuller (1930 UB1.1977 RF2.1987 OB) The asteroid on the inner edge of the main zone was photographed on the second night of the December work. When photographing NGC 772, the Aegular peculiar spiral galaxy, this came into the picture. The asteroid of the Flora family was discovered by the Soviet Ukrainian astronomer Nikolai Stepanovich at the Nauchi Observatory in Chernykh Crimea on September 9, 1977. Chernykh has found comets 74P / Smirnova Chernykh and 101P / Chernykh and a total of 537 asteroids. The asteroid is named after Gerhard Friedrich Müller (1705-1783), the first rector o...

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Shickard, Phocylides, Nasmyth

16.12.2021 at 20.45 - Ulvila (IV)
Vesa Puistovaara, Porin Karhunvartijat

Perhaps a slightly more unusual observation model for presenting the details of the lunar surface. A certain artist perspective, but the objects themselves are quite spectacular. The late phase of the moon, and the challenges it poses in getting certain traits better reflected in a certain of its own annoyances - but there is much to offer! Schikard - toe cap; name after Wilhelm Schickard, a 17th-century mathematician and astronomer Phocylides - shoe heel; also named after a 17th century astronomer (Johannes Phocylides Holwarda) .. a rather short 33-year life - a pioneer, perhaps ... Nasmyth -...

Telescopic comet Kowal

4.12.2021 at 19.25 - 19.46 - Orimattila, Artjärvi, Tähtikallio (II)
Kari Laihia, Toni Veikkolainen, Veikko Mäkelä, Porin Karhunvartijat

104P / (Kowal) 2 (1979 B1,1991 X1) The periodic NEO comet of the Jupiter family was filmed on the second night of the December 2021 work. The American astronomer Charles Thomas Kowal (1940-2011) discovered a comet on January 13, 1979 at the Palomar Observatory (675, Palomar Mountain). It was later discovered that the comet had already been spotted by Leo Boethhin in 1973. Source Wikipedia . Kowal has found comets 99P / Kowal, 104P / Kowal, 134P / Kowal-Vavrova, 143P / Kowal-Mrkos, and 158P / Kowal-LINEAR, as well as 22 asteroids. Other discoveries inclu...

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16.12.2021 at 22.30 - 23.25 - Harjavalta (IV)
Jari Kuula, Porin Karhunvartijat

The company draws Aristarchus with its plateaus. Seeing was not as good as the top looked, and the terminator was perhaps already too far away. A has a diameter of 40 km and an age of about 450 million. years. It is the brightest crater of the Moon, it stands out well in the ground. The highlands stand out in Wanha's eyes as brick red in this light as well. On the radar, it is a bad reflector, meaning that there are no fist-sized and bigger boulders. Apparently it is covered with a few meters of volcanic ash, containing ferrous glass. The dark mantle of the plateau is older than the surrou...

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Rare halos

15.12.2021 at 21.01 - 21.37 - Laitila (IV)
Pirjo Koski, Porin Karhunvartijat

The moon's congratulations from yesterday :) the helpers were the upper clouds and the fog. #bongaa100

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Binocular comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

4.12.2021 at 23.25 - 23.46 - Orimattila, Artjärvi, Tähtikallio (I)
Kari Laihia, Toni Veikkolainen, Veikko Mäkelä, Porin Karhunvartijat

67p / (Churyumov-Gerasimenko) The periodic comet of the Jupiter family was filmed on the second night of the December 2021 campaign. The comet was discovered by Soviet astronomers Klim Ivanovych Churyumov (Ukrainian) and Svetlana Ivanovna Gerasimenko (Kazakh) on October 22, 1969 at the Fesenkov Observatory of the Alma-Ata Space Physical Institute (210 Alma-Ata), with a 50cm Maksutov telescope. Professor Klim Churyumov has been the director of the Kiev Planetarium and the chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Amateur Astronomers. Source Wikipedia ...

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Pearl clouds

16.12.2021 at 15.46 - 16.15 - Laitila (IV)
Pirjo Koski, Porin Karhunvartijat

Jess !! This is to be expected! Pearls are back and with far too cold winds.

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Telescopic comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

5.12.2021 at 07.20 - Kokemäki (III)
Juha Ojanperä, Porin Karhunvartijat

Komeetta 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko havaittuna visuaalisesti Porin Karhunvartijoiden Arcturus -tapahtuman aikana. Komeetta löytyi melko helposti 38 mm 2'' okulaarilla (kenttä 2° 13') iota Cnc -tähden vierestä. 240x -suurennuksella komeetan koma erottui pyöreähkönä, aavistuksen pitkulaisena, utuisena läiskänä. Pitkä akseli vaikuttaisi olevan itä-länsi -suuntainen. Koman keskellä heikko keskuskirkastuma. Pyrstöä ei visuaalisesti erottunut. Tiivistymisaste (DC): 6Koman halkaisija: 2,5' (mitattu piirroksesta)Pyrstön pituus ja suunta: ei visuaalista pyrstöä näkyvissäKirkkaus: noin 9 mag (COBS, ei o...

Binocular comet Leonard

5.12.2021 at 06.00 - Kokemäki (IV)
Juha Ojanperä, Porin Karhunvartijat

Pääsin havaitsemaan komeetta Leonardin visuaalisesti Porin Karhunvartijoiden Arcturus -tapahtuman aikana. Itsenäisyyspäivän aattoaamuna taivas oli selkeä, mutta keli oli hyytävä! Lähdin silti uhmaamaan pakkasta ja yritin visuaalihavaintoa komeetasta. Komeetta löytyi helposti etsimellä tähden 12 Boo vierestä. Komeetasta erottui koman lisäksi myös pyrstyöä melkein puolen näkökentän verran 24 mm okulaarilla (82' kenttä). Pyrstön suunta pohjoisluoteeseen. Keskellä komaa näkyi keskuskirkastuma, jonka pohjoispuolella näkyi 12 mag. tähti TYC 2009-872-1. Komeetta erottui myös 10x50 kiikareilla. Omaa k...

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