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Pearl clouds

1.12.2022 at 07.15 - 07.40 - Lapua (V)
Aki Mäkelä

Taken from an airplane in the morning in the east direction, height at that point approx. 5 km, with a cell phone camera. Could there be pearly clouds or could there still be illuminating night clouds at this time of the year?

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Pearl clouds

1.12.2022 at 07.35 - Kuusamo (IV)
Voitto Pitkanen

I spotted a bright cloud formation from the southeast in the morning twilight. Must have been pearly clouds.

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Other special clouds

12.11.2022 at 11.53 - 12.53 - Ilmajoki (IV)
Mauri Korpi, Lakeuden Ursa

Very quickly, I tried to get my mobile phone ready to shoot, when I noticed a typical horseshoe swirl against the blue sky. I managed to take a few pictures of it. Satisfied, I continued my journey along the forest path when I spotted the second and after some time even the third. The conditions seemed to be favorable for their birth. But an hour after the first sighting, there were 3 of these in the sky at the same time!

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Other special clouds

25.10.2022 at 12.50 - 13.15 - Kauhava
Jari Kankaanpää, Lakeuden Ursa

During the solar eclipse, interesting cloud formations flew in the south-west direction. This picture is a combination of two separate exposures mainly to document the atmosphere. I first shot a wide view of the cloud horizon with building silhouettes and zoomed into the sun with a focal length of 200mm and took the second picture through the astrosolar filter (mylar film). away from the sky around the sun and adjusted the blue-gray shade of astrosolar a little more reddish. The sun and moon are a little too big compared to the background of the picture, but at the right time and in the right ...

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Rocket-related clouds

10.10.2022 at 05.55 - 06.05 - Orimattila, Artjärvi, Tähtikallio (III)
Veikko Mäkelä, Ursa (Helsinki)

I wanted to check whether Monday morning's rocket test would also be visible in the Tähtikallo all-sky camera. Unfortunately, there was some thin cloud in the eastern direction, but the rocket cloud stands out for 10 minutes as a bluish-white glow right at the forest border. Because of the clouds, it is a bit difficult to distinguish when the rocket cloud appears and disappears.

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Rocket-related clouds

10.10.2022 at 06.21 - Lappeenranta, Rauha (IV)
Jouni Hovi

I had to open the curtains of the hotel room very late. Soyuz-2.1b (most likely) carried a new Glonass system orbiter into orbit and had drawn quite a bright line of abandonment in the sky. When the sun was rising, the phenomenon was quite bright against the rest of the sky. The photoshoot went really wrong, tripod at home and hurry for breakfast and poor eyesight in style (clear-clear...). It was a nice memory after all.

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Rocket-related clouds

10.10.2022 at 05.58 - Kuopio (III)
Matti Lähtevänoja, Kuopion Saturnus

The strange light phenomenon from the morning surprised with its brightness. It wasn't even related to the rising of the sun, but to the rocket launch.

Rocket-related clouds

10.10.2022 at 05.57 - Hankasalmi (I)
Liisa Rahkonen

I noticed a very bright point in the eastern sky and around it, as it were, a circle of gas. The bright spot disappeared after a while and the gas ring began to disperse into a circle. I suspected the sighting to be a launch of a rocket etc. from behind the eastern border.

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Rocket-related clouds

10.10.2022 at 05.55 - 06.03 - Hankasalmi, Murtoinen (IV)
Arto Oksanen, Jyväskylän Sirius

The Russian rocket launch was also visible in the Hankasalmi observatory's allsky camera images. All night timelapse:

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Rocket-related clouds

10.10.2022 at 05.50 - Savonlinna (V)

Stayed still for more than a minute, white, apparently a rocket launch, carrying satellites.

Rocket-related clouds

10.10.2022 at 05.57 - 06.05 - Parikkala (I)
Helena Kosonen

Probably caused by the sunrise. Located near the northern shore of Laatoka.

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Rocket-related clouds

10.10.2022 at 05.44 - 06.30 - Heinävesi (I)
Jaana Koukkula

A greenish pale spiral that had a halo phenomenon at first, which expanded and expanded until it disappeared. A bright spot in the middle like a star. Would it be a rocket? The spiral lasted for a long time, gradually only getting bigger and finally disappearing.

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Rocket-related clouds

10.10.2022 at 05.50 - 05.52 - Kylmäkoski (I)
Kertu Pöld

Driving to work in the morning, I saw a special light phenomenon that I have never seen in the sky. There is no smell what it could have been, because the moon was on the other side of the sky. The phenomenon dissipated quite quickly in about 2 minutes

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Rocket-related clouds

13.8.2022 at 01.55 - 01.59 - Tampere (V)
Markku Lintinen, Tampereen Ursa

In the previous Perseid night observation, due to stacking, a satellite launch associated with the launch of Starlink satellites was visible as a bright line. A more accurate interpretation is the Falcon 9 rocket that carried them. I calculated a new slightly sped-up video from the original video material, which also shows a phenomenon that looks like a short braking burn. From this part of the flight, I took a partial enlargement of the original 4K resolution. Attention was drawn by the significantly higher brightness than in the Atlas/Mete...

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Rocket-related clouds

13.8.2022 at 01.56 - Kouvola (II)
Tero Sipinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

During the maximum night of the Perseids, the camera was on duty from the northern sky. Panu Lahtinen had hinted about the future Starlink tube shortly after the launch, but I didn't remember it - let alone thought that the launch itself would be visible from Finland. In the morning, when I saw that there had been observations of the rocket phenomenon , I hurried to see if it had been recorded on my camera. Well, that was it. A bit of a side hit, but anyway: the first rocket launch I shot, yay. If only you could see the next one live. Or at least get a little better in the frame :) Attache...

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Eye-catching night shining clouds

31.7.2022 at 00.30 - 01.00 - Pori (V)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

It was quite frustrating when the dog woke up in the middle of the night to go outside... but you gotta go when you gotta go. Although, it seems to frustrate Koirul more, when he couldn't get me from outside at all inside, when very impressive night clouds had appeared in the sky! XD

Other special clouds

29.8.2022 at 19.10 - 20.00 - Vantaa (IV)
Tuomas Aumala

Spectacular Kelvin-Helmholtz ripples in the middle cloud on Monday evening. Waves were generated several times in about an hour at the same height.

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Clearly visible night shining clouds

9.8.2022 at 23.25 - 23.45 - Helsinki, Pornaistenniemi (III)
Veikko Mäkelä, Ursa (Helsinki)

Night clouds once more. A surprisingly clear play from the beginning of the night. A belt, a wave and a vortex in an area about 60 degrees wide between the northwest and the north. at 23:45 azimuth: 300-0 height: 3-15 forms: I, IIab, IVc brightness: 1-3 colors: S Processed photos later.

Dim night shining clouds

8.8.2022 at 01.45 - 02.25 - Helsinki, Pornaistenniemi-Vanhankaupunginlahti (II)
Veikko Mäkelä, Ursa (Helsinki)

I noticed Pentti Arpalahti's noise observation of the aurora borealis and ran to have a look. In terms of repos, the catch remained in a fading arc, but night clouds were revealed between the north and northeast. The most prominent main form is a peculiar vortex. Brightness almost k = 3, but I still wrote dim (k = 2) I followed the upper clouds to see if they would lighten up in the morning. I even walked to the tall trees of Lammassaari in the summer of the first summer, but I couldn't see much better down there. The vortex shape started to weaken, but otherwise dim night clouds were ...

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Hyvin heikkoja yöpilviä

6.8.2022 at 00.45 - 01.00 - Helsinki, Pornaistenniemi (I)
Veikko Mäkelä, Ursa (Helsinki)

Already at 11:30 p.m., a bluish zone can be seen in the pictures, but the clouds remained uncertain. Shortly before 1 a.m., however, low, clear night cloud in the north. The night is getting pretty dark. at 0.50 am azimuth: 340-20 height: 3-10 forms: I, IIab brightness: 1 colors: SK Processed pictures later.

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