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Eye-catching night shining clouds - 3.8.2021 at 23.48 - 4.8.2021 at 04.35 Helsinki Observation number 100177

Visibility V / V

Thank you Mikko for the noise. Performance less than ten degrees between north and northeast (terrain observation 23: 48-23: 55). The observation window to the north in the 20-degree sector shows a continuation of the presentation 0:41.

Edit. And it just goes on: 1:15 due to the dark background sky and the freshly washed window to be classified as bright. Thanks to the dark sky, it was also possible to calibrate the view of the observation window using synchronous patterns. Window image 0:55. The height of the performance remains at ten degrees, but when it comes to half past two it just brightens and condenses. You would get great pictures in the right place.

Edit 2. And continues but a quarter over two.

Edit 3. The show swells at half past four coming from northwest to east. Nocturnal moons rise well above the Moon to 30 degrees.

Edit 4. The performance was notable for another 3:15. The last belt disappeared from view and several belts can be found in the photographs in the northeast at an altitude of about 30 degrees at 4:35, which I recorded as the closing time of the show. Sun height 3 degrees 50 'without corrections.

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Additional information
  • Havainto
    • Night shining clouds
  • Cloud coverage in the sky
    • Covered 1/4 of the sky
  • Noctilucent clouds
    • Waves info

      Waves of noctilucent clouds are short, close groups of clouds.

      Wavy NLC by Jari Luomanen.


      NLC waves by Hannu Määttänen.

    • Band info

      Bands of noctilucent clouds are long, stripe like cloudformation.

      A single, very bright NLC band. Photo by Mikko Peussa.


      On the upper left corner, rising bands are clear on the image. Whereas waves of NLC cover the bottom right side of the image. Photo by Juha Tonttila.

  • Brightness of the noctilucent clouds
    • Eye-catching night shining clouds
Comments: 3 pcs
Veikko Mäkelä - 4.8.2021 at 14.03 Report this

Klo 23.05 ei näynyt vielä mitään, mutta itse huomasin muutamaa minuuttia ennen puolenyön pohjoiskoillisen yöpilvet. Aktiivisesti havaitsin vain klo 1.25 asti, mutta sen jälkeen vilkuilin ikkunasta.  Klo 3.30 viimeinen tarkastus parvekkeelta: Yöpilvet olivat levinneet yli zeniitin!

Paula Wirtanen - 4.8.2021 at 16.16 Report this

Huikeaa, itse en oikein yhden jälkeen pystynyt enää seuraamaan, mutta hieno näytelmä siitä kuitenkin pikkutuntien aikana pääsi kehittymään. 

Pentti Arpalahti - 4.8.2021 at 21.49 Report this

Rupesi huvittamaan kauden loppuhenkäyksiä varten tehty ikkunanäkymän kalibrointi, kun taivas suorastaan räjähti. Ulos ei jaksanut enää itse lähteä, vaikka se yökkösten ympäröimä kuunsirppikin oli kaunis. Vaan tulihan Vahtiin kunnon kuvia hienoista maisemista.

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