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Perseidit - 13.8.2021 at 00.27 - 13.8.2021 at 02.22 Askola Observation number 100527

Visibility III / V

Tommi Ropponen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

When the weather last favored the undersigned in 2016 in terms of both cloudlessness and deafness (then observation here:, we had to try it. I drove the worst light pollution from Espoo for less than an hour to Askola. There was a lot of moisture in the air and I was very afraid of fog, but at the scene the weather was quite good at first. In the final stages, moisture began to accumulate in the optics, and when the routines were completely lost, I was left without injecting a little heat into the backlight shield, which might have helped.

Well, all the same. I expected a lot from this year’s Asses, but I got a lot less. Simply star flights were really rare and it shows in the material as well. Compared to the 2016 session, this year was mostly anemic. A total of 4 things that I think are sure Perseids were found and are featured in that main picture. A few other flights had caught on to the cell, but in them the radiant was somewhere just outside the direction of the Perseids.

About half past one I got the camera to knock the pictures and at the same time focus on testing a bit of Jupiter shooting with a small 80mm apo. Some cars drove past and these even got into the final material then even "that something". Greetings also to those police gentlemen who came to talk to the photographer who parked their car and equipment at the bus stop at Myrskyläntie 251 :) It would be nice if this material could find them somehow, but they hardly had time to watch the Sky Watch.

The stars were well visible, unlike in Espoo. A lot of movement was seen as satellites and a few bigger flights were left outside the camera, but not everything is recovered when the fisheye is no longer in use. Attached are a couple of pictures as well as a couple of videos, the latest of which is all the pictures bundled in a row without pruning the overtaking of the cars.

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Additional information
  • Observation target
    • Meteor shower
  • Name of the observation target
    • Perseidit
Technical information

Sony A7iii, Sony SEL24GM. 462 images with electronic shutter. ISO 200, F / 1.4, 13 second lights and 2 sec pause between images.

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