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Rocket-related clouds - 9.9.2021 at 23.11 - 9.9.2021 at 23.19 Pyhäranta Observation number 101154

Visibility V / V

Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

We were admiring and photographing the Milky Way in Pyhäranta, Rohdais, when in the middle of everything we saw behind us our backs a strange, dazzling silver-bluish light phenomenon in the northeast, which brightened in our eyes. The phenomenon was absolutely insanely bright and very strange looking.

At this point I cursed the long exposure of the Milky Way and the 30s have never felt as long as now ... The phenomenon ran low on a really hard ride from us to the northeast to the northwest and eventually disappeared beyond the light sea and forest border of Rauma.

The first thought was when I saw the phenomenon that just as if we had a barium cloud in the sky, could a dream that had been smoked for years be seen and described as finally coming true ?? :)

The second image, whose horizon is "straight and beautifully composed in a little hurry," is the first image of the phenomenon taken during the evening.


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  • Havainto
    • Rocket-related clouds
  • Rocket launch
    • Rocket phase visible in the sky info
Technical information

Canon EOS 6D, Irix Blackstone 15mm ISO 1600-2000, f2.4, 30s / 13s, 10s

Comments: 5 pcs
Mikko Peussa - 10.9.2021 at 07.11 Report this

Hieno bongaus, onnittelut!

Pekka Kokko - 10.9.2021 at 07.35 Report this

Mahtavia kuvia!

Pentti Ketola - 10.9.2021 at 09.52 Report this

Keskimmäisessä kuvassa on kunnon meininkiä!

Lasse Nurminen - 10.9.2021 at 21.14 Report this

Mainiota että lykästi ja tarttui taas uusi havainto talteen. Harvinaista herkkua :)

Tarja Hämäläinen - 15.7.2022 at 15.52 Report this

Nuo upeat  kuvathan on  kun ilotulitusta  Tuo ensimäinen on aivan valtavan kaunis

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