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Other storm phenomenon - 15.1.2022 at 20.00 - 16.1.2022 at 05.00 Vesanto Observation number 103936

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Timo Kuhmonen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

I decided to make my own observation of this as well, when one example was already in Vahti (observation number 103917). The attached barometric pressure curves (in yellow) are from Vesanto. A couple of small "disturbances" are found on the barometric pressure curves. There were two BlueAstro USB controllers in use, and the curve was visible on both curves. The measuring device was indoors, changes in barometric pressure should also be visible when measured indoors. Based on the comments, it would appear that this is a pressure wave of the same incident on different routes (a strong volcanic eruption in Tonga)

date, 1/15/2022
time, 20:03:40 (local time, UTC + 2h)
value, 994.3 hPa (approx. 2 hPa higher than slow curve)

date, 1/16/2022
time, 04:56:20 (local time, UTC + 2h)
value, 985.0 hPa (approx. 1 hPa lower than slow curve)

EDIT1 (17.1): Clearer data was found in the database, the barometric pressure values were also stored there. Attached are two images on a white background (SQ Lite browser) with a shorter time scale. You can see from the pictures that the first pressure wave has arrived in Vesanto earlier than in Artjärvi. Similarly, the second will appear later ...

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BlueAstro Stickstation, SQLite browser

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