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Dim night shining clouds - 5.6.2023 at 00.01 - 5.6.2023 at 01.28 Helsinki Observation number 116513

Visibility II / V

In the East [Edit. -> In the west (in the phone noise the wind direction went the wrong way) and in the zenith there are a lot of clouds that Pola is biting into, were there night clouds?

Edit. Well, there they were. Polademo in the west [<-]east direction is clear. I first aimed at the northern horizon and there was nothing there. Attention was drawn by a whirlwind creeping to the northwest like a night cloud already at a height of approx. 30 degrees. All of a sudden I had to get a polarizer from home, which I didn't have with me for a reason for small shows in the low northern horizon. I changed the observation point when I didn't need a low horizon, the clouds were at the zenith! The presentation did not fit into the 18 millimeter of the body cell. I took a couple of panoramas. Finally, there were belts in the east as well (picture 6). The season got off to a great start, although of course due to the bright sky the clouds were dimly visible.

Edit 2. I added a three-shot panorama up to the northwest as a still image.

Edit 3. In picture 23:39 to the northwest (picture 8) a couple of loose ones were found by scraping, but based on them, you can't really make an NLC identification without a pole check.

Edit 4. Exif data has been dropped from the panoramas. The first image is a panorama of three frames towards the west at 1:19 and covers approx. 70% of the screen. Image 7 is a panorama of three images from the west to the northwest at 0:47.

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Additional information
  • Havainto
    • Night shining clouds
  • Brightness of the noctilucent clouds
    • Dim night shining clouds
  • Cloud coverage in the sky
    • Covered 3/8 of the sky
  • Noctilucent clouds
    • Veil info

      The night cloud vail is a vague thin night shining cloud with no clear structure.

      Noctilucent cloud veil with one strong belt formation. Image by Veikko Mäkelä.

    • Band info

      Bands of noctilucent clouds are long, stripe like cloudformation.

      A single, very bright NLC band. Photo by Mikko Peussa.


      On the upper left corner, rising bands are clear on the image. Whereas waves of NLC cover the bottom right side of the image. Photo by Juha Tonttila.

    • Waves info

      Waves of noctilucent clouds are short, close groups of clouds.

      Wavy NLC by Jari Luomanen.


      NLC waves by Hannu Määttänen.

    • Swirl info

      Swirls are curved night shining cloud forms. For example, a single night cloud belt or group of waves may be curved on a clear bend.

      The arrow indicates a slight vortex in the night cloud belt. Photo by Joni Tahkoniemi.

      Strong swirls in image taken by Veikko Mäkelä.

Comments: 5 pcs
Mikko Peussa - 5.6.2023 at 09.35 Report this

Hyvän setin sait kasaan Helsingistä! Tästä se valvominen sitten jatkuu :)

Pentti Arpalahti - 5.6.2023 at 10.24 Report this

Kiitos, näin se parin kuukauden vahtivuoro alkoi.

Paula Wirtanen - 5.6.2023 at 14.28 Report this

Tästä se alkaa, hyvä! Viime yö meni itseltäni ohitse, mutta onneksi kausi vasta alussa.  

Pentti Arpalahti - 5.6.2023 at 15.23 Report this

Jos muutaman edellisen vuoden tapaan jatkuu, niin etelässä on tarjolla yli 30 ihan kelpo näytöstä parin kuukauden ajan kesä-heinäkuussa. 

Jorma Koski - 5.6.2023 at 21.58 Report this

spaceweather.commista tuttu!

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