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Harvinaisia halomuotoja - 14.12.2018 klo 12.30 - 14.12.2018 klo 12.31 Borlänge, Sweden Observation number 79795

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Regarding the fantastic photo of the halo from Borlänge by Magnus Edbäck, I have been asked by Hans Bengtsson (meteorologist at SMHI) to forward to you one picture showing the opposite side by Natalie Åkerström who has given her permission.

Additionaly I have had a look at the enhanced pictures published on and identified some halo components that I have not seen commented to my knowledge. They are marked in green in the 3rd attached image.

Best regards

/*Peter Rosén

PS. As I don't understand Finnish, I have randomly choosen the options on the left side, sorry! 

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Marko Pekkola - 22.12.2018 klo 11.35 Report this

Fantastic! Great to have Borlänge display images from the direction opposite the sun. Brilliantly developed combination of rare anthelic and subanthelic arcs.

P.S. The official languages that can be used in observing stories and in comments in this Taivaanvahti observation system are Finnish, Swedish and English. From Swedish speaking users we naturally do not expect understanding of Finnish texts. An assumption like that would be absurd. Hopefully in future we will have both Swedish and English translations of all layout elements and information texts.  

Marko Riikonen - 22.12.2018 klo 18.56 Report this

It is a good anatomy on display here. The two diffuse arcs are separate features. Much like in the spotlight displays. Of course, this was expected of this level solar display. Somebody should enhance this image. Is raw available?

Marko Riikonen - 23.12.2018 klo 12.47 Report this

Tried to enhance this. It is too low quality. Anyways, there are no high expectations for anything new to pop out from this view, so it is not that important. But if there is raw, or just original jpg, it might still be worth giving the halos some more definition.

I didn't quite understand what you meant by the halos marked green in the third attached image. Where is this image?

Tero Sipinen - 23.12.2018 klo 13.58 Report this

Marko: Those second and third image were removed (by admin) prior publishing, because they were copies of pictures from Magnus Edbäck. But the mentioned components marked green were suncave Parry and convex Schulthess.

Suncave Parry was already mentioned in OPOD ("There is a puzzlingly faint trace of an upper suncave parry arc...") and Schulthess was mentioned in Halovault ("...extremely long Schulthess arcs...").

Picture seems taken by Galaxy S7. Fingers crossed that RAW is turned on :)

But even without RAW, it's very nice we have a glimpse of the opposite view too! It's amazing!

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