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Total lunar eclipse - 21.1.2019 at 06.15 - 21.1.2019 at 08.20 Kouvola Observation number 81009

Visibility IV / V

Tero Sipinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

My lunar eclipse observation plan was as sophisticated as "I look along the way to work if there are no clouds."

Well, I couldn't wait to go to work, but peeked out of the doorway with a towel alone to see if anything was visible. Surprisingly (pessimistic not disappointed :) a fine sickle appeared. For safety, I decided to take a picture immediately. I grabbed the camera, evaluated some of the settings and added a bit of clothing (to the right foot of the shoe) and grabbed a couple of pictures of the doorway from the arm, one of which is picture 1. (6.17).

Contrary to the "plan," I got excited to bump into the quilted clothes and left for the yard with a longer pipe. Immediately came up with a view in which the darkened moon bell in the "gorge" between the two spruces (Fig. 2, 6.51).

The darker subject and the longer focal length were a bit of a stranger combination for me, and there were quite a few adjustments to get a few pictures (Fig. 3 at 6.59 and Fig. 4 at 7.01).

Next, attack the breakfast and treat the child. As I drove to the treatment site, I noticed that only a slice of the Moon was visible from behind the cloud.

After being taken for treatment, to my delight, I noticed that the moon had left behind the cloud and was visible again as a handsome sickle. I was able to implement the original plan when I stopped at the bus stop to grab a couple of images at the extremes of the zoom (150 and 600mm, images 5 and 6 at 8.19 and 8.20).

From there, the commute continued south. When the Moon was handsomely close to the tops of the trees, I deviated to a side road. However, it was a bad draw, as from the side road the forest obscured the view of the Moon, and without long-legged footwear there was no such thing as a higher place. I continued my journey and at a field opening I deviated to a side road from which I thought the Moon would be clearly visible. I don't know if the Moon had already fallen behind the forest or if some cloud haze had come into the sky, because there was no sign of the Moon. The shadow of the earth only remained prey from that stop.

It was quite a shuffle to shoot in the midst of everyday morning chores, in the frost of the pick. The pictures are a bit dark, but so was the darkened moon, so let's be around.

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