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Sun - 1.8.2020 at 10.14 - 1.8.2020 at 11.05 Hyvinkää Observation number 93132

Visibility III / V

Timo Inkinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

From the beginning of August, a couple more "evil basics" to the Sun's Ha views. These have both been filmed from the morning of 1.8.2020. Weak & widespread protuberance of the color image at 10:14 and the beginnings of the "wannabe sunspot" of black photography (or what lie other chromosphere disturbances) at 11:05.

I had to rip that protu image quite thoroughly "open" in image processing, so that protu image isn't as pretty as it could be with an easier protu on screen. The protuberance of this image was only properly visible when the Sun was exposed for longer (approx. 150-200ms), when the normal views of the Ha surface are photographed with an exposure of about 50ms, which does not burn the Sun's surface in the histogram.

The vortex area of the second image is shown in the SW image published a little later to the left of sunspot AR2768. When I cropped my image, I just shot that area, because the new dot area AR2769 that appeared on the edge of the disc, which appears in the SW image, was not visible at all at the time of shooting (i.e., that AR2769 dot was still behind the edge at the time of shooting). You can not always win...

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TMB 152/1200 APO lens tube and Daystar Quark + Baader D-ERF filters. The camera ZWO ASI 183MM Pro and the shooting focal length seems to be 2.5x with an extension of 3000mm (the aperture limit of the tube is either 100mm or 120mm).

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