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Milky way - 19.9.2020 at 22.10 - 19.9.2020 at 22.50 Pieksämäki Observation number 93850

Visibility IV / V

Timo Inkinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

This time I was at a "dark place camp" in my own summer cottage in Pieksämäki . Friday 18.9. in the late evening, a narrow furrow wiped the sky blank and after that a perfectly clear night sky emerged with brilliant transparency.
The boundary magnitude was somewhere around 6.5, as I admired the glow of the Milky Way down to almost the horizon at the time. The star cloud on the shield clearly separated from the Milky Way, and the large rupture of the Milky Way in the Swan was clearly visible. The double set of Perseus (NGC 869, 884) and the galaxy of Andromeda were clearly visible to the naked eye, even when viewed directly, the M33 of the Triangle was so low rising from the horizon that I could certainly not see anything from it, even with the side eye, a bit the same thing with the M13. From Little Bear, I didn't even go to count the stars when they were visible once in the whole constellation area, and not the troublesome 4-5 stars that you see in Hyvinkää. But overall, for once, there was such a handsomely transparent night sky that I haven’t seen so well in decades!

The latter night between Saturday and Sunday was also clear, but that mist / fog cloud once again crept into the sky to take away the best blade of transparency. So tonight was a good time to “lose sight of night vision” with the camera to fidget and shoot the Milky Way via the SW StarAdventurer trackpad and Olympus 7-14 / 2.8 zoom. The picture from tonight is now on display here ...

Oh yeah, at that time there were at least 5 ... 10 sporadic star flights per hour in the sky, so in that sense, too, once again, there were handsome star nights under a full dark autumn sky in the peace of the countryside!

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Shooting with Olympus OM-D E-M1 II camera and Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 7-14mm 1: 2.8 Pro zoom (7mm@2.8). SkyWatcher Star Adventurer tracking stand Gitzo G1410 on a tripod and 25 60s single exposures (until the wide-angle front lens fogs up ;-). Image calibration, stacking and raw processing in PixInsight, final image fine-tuning in PhotoShop.

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Timo Inkinen - 25.9.2020 at 19.30 Report this

Pitää vielä lisätä, että kuvan alareunaan jäi tuollainen kaksoiskuva/haamu metsän reunasta, sillä jouduin kesken kuvasarjan vaihtamaan kameraan akkua ja akkuluukku oli jäänyt kinopään alle jumiin. Kokeneempi kuvaaja olisi toki ottanut mukaan suuremman akun ja asettanut kameran kinopäähän siten, että akkuluukku olisi auennut ilman kameran irroittamista jalustalta... (aina on jotain turhanpäiväistä  ähertämistä tuon tekniikan kanssa, mikä alkaa ketuttamaan näin vanhemmiten ;-)

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