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Starry sky image - 26.9.2020 at 22.26 - 26.9.2020 at 23.59 Hyvinkää Observation number 94178

Visibility II / V

Timo Inkinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Krüger 60 is a narrow, dwarf star formed by red dwarf stars near our own Sun. Its distance is 13.1 light-years from our own solar system (cf. the nearest star of us, the Alpha Centaur 4.37 light-years), but visually the brightness of this dwarf two-star is only +9.8 / +11.4 magnitude. Krüger 60 can be found in the constellation of Cepheus, just less than a degree away from Delta (δ) Cephe, the model of the Cepheid variables.

Because this binary star is such a dim and cramped pair, it was impossible to describe it in one and the same image. So I first shot an LRGB image of that star range (15: 15: 15: 15 min = 1 hour) and then separately 100 x 2 second short exposures to separate the thus narrow double star in the final image. The orbit of the stars is 44.6 years and the apparent distance in the sky is currently only 1.8 ". See

The final resolution of the full resolution can be found here , as it does not stand out in the Sky Guard screenshot. I photographed this with a TMB 152/1200 lens tube and a ZWO ASI 183MM Pro camera (2x2 bin) and processed it in PixInsight + AutoStakkert. I used PhotoShop to combine the images.

The basic information about the Kruger 60 is here:

More about Kruger 60:

Visually, I didn’t see this in duplicate in my TS 102/1122 ED lens tube at 187x magnification, perhaps due to varying seeing and subject opacity, but the TMB 152/1200 lens tube separated it so like. The difficulty with such an observation is the opacity and constriction of the object with the separation being around the average seeing limit. This time both succeeded when I stacked 100 luminance channel images with AutoStakkert and used 1.5x drizzle :-)


The second image is an image of the prevailing weather conditions at the time of observation, ie the transparency was weak, the boundary magnetism somewhere around 3.5 ... 4.

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